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Portable and Versatile Battery Pack

Versatile battery pack


Versabatt gives you the latest in battery technology. This gives you a light, powerful,robust solution for storing electricity, operating electric motors and more . Designed and manufactured in Norway, and tested according to current safety and quality standards.

Portable power for trades where you need rough and ready power wherever you go!

Powers marine e-motors, and eliminating the need for charging station near the boat.


Take it with you wherever you go

Plug and play

Plug and get immediate power


IP66 Certified


Durable and long-lasting


Power anywhere, anytime

How Versabatt Works

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Made in Norway


Fully certified and approved according to relevant EU and UN standards.


Designed and manufactured in Norway with high-quality components to ensure stable functionality throughout Versabatt's lifetime.


An environmentally friendly alternative that supports a greener and cleaner future.

Why Versabatt

Flat & Compact

Bulky batteries are hard to carry and add unnecessary weight. Ergonomically designed Versabatt batteries are compact and easy to handle, making them perfect for those who work on the go.

Plug & Play

Portable, convenient, and easy to use” highlights the battery’s mobility and user-friendly nature.

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