Versabatt G2 Package

Weight : 12 kg

Voltage : 48V

Capacity : 2.3 kWh

IP Rating : 66

This 48 V battery pack is designed with multi-purpose functionality and portability as its main attributes. The battery pack can power small boats, robots, off-grid living equipment, act as a part of a power wall, and portable equipment charging infrastructure in vehicles, all while being all while being passively cooled. The battery pack has a market leading specific energy.

Versabatt G2

Weight : 12 kg

Voltage : 48V

Capacity : 2.3 kWh

IP Rating : 66

Extra stand-alone pack as backup or if you need extra power on the go (no charger or cable included).


Charge Versabatt anywhere (230V). Choose between standard charger (7h) and waterproof fast charger (2h)

Suggested Package Solutions

Portable 230V Powerpack

Work System

Versabatt G2 : 23495
Standard Charger : 1875 Nok
48-230V Inverter : 4999 Nok
Connection Cable : 450 Nok
Coffee Machine : 1897 Nok
Microwave : 1099 Nok
Package Discount : -820

Total : 32995

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Solar System

Package Includes
  • Versabatt G2
  • Standard Charger
  • Connection Cable (1,5m)
  • Inverter 48-230V
  • MC4 Connection Cable (20m)
  • MPPT Inverter (100/20)
  • 3x Flexible Solar panels delivering 70W each

Package Price : 38.750 NOK

incl. Norwegian VAT
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E-Boat Outboard Drive

Wall Mount

Wall mount for those who need a shelf for Versabatt. Secure with 4 screws (adjustable)

Wall Mount Orange

Wall Mount Blue

Wall Mount Black

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